We LOVE Pets and Groom.  Theodore is our second dog and we would not have thought about going elsewhere.  Theo is an Australian Labrodoodle, with a gorgeous double fleece coat, but this of course means extra work for us and certainly extra care and attention by the groomer - otherwise your Doodle looks like a poodle!  Jason is beyond amazing, his talent is evident every single haircut Theodore receives.  We pay the additional money to have him hand scissored and again Jason’s talent and pride shines through, and we continually receive compliments about what a beautiful boy Theo is and what a gorgeous coat he has, and this is certainly in part due  to Pets and Groom!
I have seen many Doodles who go to other groomers and the cost is less but there is absolutely no comparison in the look and quality of the cut!  Once again, you get what you pay for! Knowledgeable, professional and caring always.
Thank you Jason and Pets and Groom.


This place has been great! I have used them over the years not only as a groomer but for general advice, and the doggy daycare. I always know that they are getting treated nicely and never have to worry. Its hard to find a place like this!

Mum of Darwin

Tyler is our 3rddog over a 35 year period, so we've experienced many groomers in other cities. Eda and Jason are wonderful, very relaxed and gentle, resulting in a good experience . Tyler runs to see Jason each time we go there. I've recommended them to several people.

Helen Hiscock

Excellent! Cat or Dog, they're great!

Jinx & Triton

Eda bred my first Pom 22 years ago and has given us great service with our present Poms since they were born 6 years ago. I strongly recommend her!


Sophie's first visit and they did an amazing job! They even noticed that she had an ear infection...I was very impressed.



We have been using these guys for years. Sometimes we use the baths they provide but for special occasions we have them groom our dogs. they are by far the very best. In particular our long eared dogs ears are REALLY clean not just wiped around the rim !!!!!


We have tried at least 7 groomers so far and these guys are by far the best! They promised not to shave my golden doodle and they delivered!

Dad of Lucan


Excellent cut--excellent care! These folks love animals and the dogs are not stressed out when we pick them up. Strongly recommend this groomer. But book early--not a last minute groomer.

Janet (mom of Angus & Andy)

I have recently had the opportunity to try the new Viper grooming tables.  I am very impressed with the construction and design of the tables.  They are large enough and sturdy enough not to shake under the weight of large, nervous dogs, and lower enough to allow the dog to walk up on it's own to prevent unnecessary lifting and straining.  The wide "T" arm allows a dog to be looped around the waist as well as around the neck, preventing dogs from sitting or becoming little piles of fur on your table.  It stabilizes small scrambling dogs for safe and quick drying and grooming, and the table lowers enough to comfortably groom from a sitting position to eleviate lower back strain and give your feet and knees a well needed brake.  The electric actuator control arm is the best feature on the table.  There is nothing compared to the frustration of trying to raise a standard screw clamp grooming arm with two hands while a small dog races around your table yanking at the end of the control arm.  Turning the dogs on the table is also made easier, by lowering the arm down to you. You can adjust the dog and switch the noose clips without reaching or getting up, then you simply push the button and re-adjust the tension on your grooming loops.  It's innovations like this that will revolutionize the grooming procedure, allowing the people who love this work to work faster, safer, and have the long careers we all plan for.

Professional Pet Stylist
Michelle Duff-Coates